Pray For Mojo

The Memorable Meme Coin Rekindling Nostalgia! (0/0 tax) 😎


"Pray for Mojo" takes you on a delightful trip down memory lane, paying tribute to the beloved helper monkey from The Simpsons. Our meme coin captures the essence of nostalgia, allowing you to relive cherished moments while exploring new opportunities in the crypto world.


Total Supply: 1010101 $MOJO
Presale: 500,000 $MOJO
Liquidity: 300,000 $MOJO
Marketing: 100,000 $MOJO
Cex: 60,000 $MOJO
Airdrop: 50,101 $MOJO


Week 1:Banana-rific Presale Preparation:
1-Getting those bananas in order! Finalizing the banana supply, banana price, and allocation for the presale.
2-Swinging into action by creating a dedicated banana-themed webpage with all the peel-icious details about the presale.
3-Monkeying around with the Gempad team to coordinate the launch of the bananas on their platform.
Monkey Business Building:
1-Establishing our social media jungle! Setting up Twitter and Telegram where the monkeys gather.
2-Going bananas with our marketing strategy! Starting spreading the word about the upcoming presale across the monkeyverse.
3-Engaging with the community, answering questions, and building hype like there's no tomorrow in the jungle.

Week 2:Presale Launch Party:
1-Swinging into action and unleashing the bananas in the presale on the Gempad platform.
2-Keeping our eyes peeled on the progress of the presale and resolving any monkey business that pops up along the way.
3-Rewarding those who went bananas and participated in the community activities.
Wild Listing on DEX:
1-Taking a leap and applying to list your bananas on the popular bsc decentralized exchange "PancakeSwap".
2-Preparing some banana liquidity for the exchanges, making sure the monkeys have plenty of bananas to trade with.

Week 3:Monkey Community Development:
1-Swinging with the community! Keep engaging with the followers and expanding our social media treehouse.
2- Launching a snazzy website where monkeys can swing by for all things banana-related, including the token and the roadmap.
3-Getting those bananas spread far and wide! Implement a referral program to reward monkeys for introducing others to the jungle.
Partners in Monkeying Around:
1-Monkey see, monkey do! Reaching out to other monkey-themed projects or influential monkeys for exciting partnerships and collaborations.
2-Swinging together on joint marketing campaigns and cross-promotions, creating a wild monkey party in the jungle.

Week 4:Monkey Marketing Madness:
1- Monkey, monkey, don't be funky! Keeping the monkey party going on social media and interact with ourlively community.
2-Hanging from the trees and host some wild AMA (Ask Monkey Anything) sessions to answer questions and address any monkey business concerns.
3-Considering going bananas with targeted ad campaigns or monkey influencers to get your bananas in front of a wider audience.
Community Governance and Roadmap Update:
1-Letting the monkeys have their say! Implement a community governance mechanism, allowing banana holders to join in the decision-making fun.
2-Gathering monkey feedback and update the roadmap accordingly, taking the jungle's opinions into account.
3-Publishing an updated roadmap, swinging from milestone to milestone, and let the monkeys know what exciting adventures lie ahead.


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Join "Pray for Mojo" today and rediscover the joy of nostalgia while actively shaping the future of a community-driven meme coin. Together, we'll create something truly special, relishing the fun, camaraderie, and financial potential that lie ahead. 🚀🐒💎

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